Drama in 3 Parts


Written by John Park

In Act Three of Wild Elusive Butterfly, John and Peter surprise the Furies with an invitation and shocking suggestion. Magda gives Jack a recording (naughty!).

In the Garden of Eden, Tom can't tempt Daisy with an apple, but a red cigarette might end in a kiss.

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Starring: Angela Bleasdale, Jeremy Drakes, Victoria Grove, Will Harrison-Wallace, Philip Lawrence, Nick Lucas, Julia Papp, Josh Rochford, Jennifer Skapeti, Olivia Vinall, Sarah Whitehouse, Eleanor Burke, Tom Slatter

Sarah Whitehouse
Philip Lawrence

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Written By: John Park, Edited By: Craig Bulpitt, Malcolm Thorp, Directed By : George Maddocks, Sound Design By: Tshari King, Running Time: 23 minutes

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