Voicereel & Headshot Deal

To take advantage of our exclusive Voicereel & Headshot offer for just £200 book your space now through Paypal.

Once you have paid, we'll drop you an email to work out what time slot is best for you.

Photography by Arran Corbett

Five Reasons to Book This Package...

  1. WTC have been producing award winning audio theatre since 2007 and have extensive knowledge of the voice.
  2. We listen to hundreds of voice-reels every month and know exactly what employers want when they listen, and more importantly – what they don’t want!
  3. Your reel will be recorded by state of the art equipment and you will be directed by a professional, experienced WTC audio theatre director.
  4. Our passion for and experience in radio drama and audio production puts us in a perfect position to understand your reel. Under the guidance of the Wireless Theatre Company team you will get the perfect voice reel for you with a 48 hour turnaround time.
  5. Arran Corbett is a photographer and film maker and understands what directors look for in a headshot. Some people will pay more than £200 for headshots alone, this deal is giving you a reel and a headshot for much less!

We understand that as actors, you don’t always have a lot of money – which means that voice-reels are often third or fourth on the list of justified expenses after show-reels, training, printing costs etc.

With the growth of the internet there is so much more opportunity for voice work, however it is almost  impossible to cast a voice actor without hearing an audio sample of what they can do.

It doesn’t need to cost the earth, you just need to be properly represented. We are the best at doing that.