Robert Harper, Happy Listener

What an awesome company. Brilliant. Utterly brilliant.

Rosanna, Happy Listener

I want to join the voices of praise and let you know that you really know how to turn any genre into a masterpiece.  I have enjoyed everything that my ears have been able to snap up here. The Youth of Old Age - now that was really something. Amazing wit, satire and drama all rolled into one.  You have outstanding actors. Awesome. Discovering you was like unearthing a legendary buried treasure.  Thank you!

John Park, Editor, Fringe Report

This award celebrates the boundless hard work of Mariele Runacre Temple in creating and evolving The Wireless Theatre Company into a cauldron of excellence of new and exciting radio drama.

Happy Listener, Iran

I found your website accidentally. In this short time I listened to some of your short plays which I found absoloutely alluring. I am a newcomer to writing for the radio in my own country ( Iran ) your works are truly inspiring to me. I just listened to Dream Me a Winter - which was sort of a new and provocative piece of art in my opinion. The mix of those 3 palls reminds me the daily arguiments with my friends - it taught me how to think about the radio drama abilities in diferent aspects. It was sharp and rude, but at the same time it has something soft in the inner layers.... thank you again

Laurence, Happy Listener

Great site, fantastic stuff on here, I'm passing the word round as fast as I can.

Rich Wretch, New York City

As a very longtime fan of oldtime radio I must compliment the fellow artists (and staff!!) that have brought these swell productions which are modern yet retain the old time flavor of the golden days of yesteryear!!

Richard O’Brien, Actor/Writer

Bloody Marvellous!

Michael Starr, Listener

Fantastic website, brill fun!

Judith Clarke-Hassell, Listener

Surfed the rest but have got to the best. Great find!

Esther Harper, Listener

As someone who grew up with radio drama instead of television, I cannot even begin to tell you how delighted I was to come across your website. It's a dream come true for me, and I wish you the utmost sucess.