Tim Prasil

The Wireless Theatre Company is one of the — if not the — most innovative and daring producers of consistently good audio drama around.

Regent Times

WTC excels at it's art. A true find for all audio enthusiasts!

The Radio Academy – Best Entertainment Producer

The judges were impressed with the variety of the audio, the quality of the production and wish to support the pioneering spirit of innovation and working for new audiences.

The Radio Academy – Best Online/Multi Platform Creator

The judges loved the refreshing nature of these online dramas and the fact that the company uncovers so much original material through its website – adding to the multi-platform element. They were impressed with the high production values and creative use of audio and  also enjoyed the use of live recordings. Judges also noted the impressive line-up of professionals working with the company and the company’s recent launch of their productions for children.

J Snowe

Your works are an inspiration to the medium.

EarStory Radio Review

The Wireless Theatre Company is the best internet audio drama production company. Their product is professional and original. One can't go wrong with The Wireless Theatre Company.

5+/5 Audio Drama Review

My personal guarantee is this; If you like good theater, if you like powerful acting, and great drama, The Wireless Theatre Company will be one your number one podcast audio drama companies. Wireless Theatre Company provides a great partnership between those in the creative community and the modern audio theater audience. They simply make fantastic audio that must be heard. Be prepared to be challenged as a listener. If you're up for the challenge. These plays will transform you.

http://audiodramareview.blogspot.com/2010/03/wireless-radio-theatre-company.html - click here for the full, amazing, review!

Alan Cowdery, Australia

I have really enjoyed lisening to your dramas, as an ex-pat brit living in oz it has brought me great happiness. I am happy to pay for the privalige of listening. keep up the good work, it is fantastic.

Tom Walsh, Dublin Ireland.

Absolutely Brilliant. I don't own a TV. Love radio plays and yours are excellent. Keep up the good work.

Ralf Kölzer, Düsseldorf, Germany

I have found your website to be very entertaining and amusing.  Congratulations.  I have recommended it to my friends.