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Rob is no stranger to writing and creative thinking. He has been published in a collection work along with illusionist writers Kenton Knepper, Doug Henning, and others in a booklet for professional magicians entitled, Killer Konceptions.

He also written a sequel to the movie Wargames entitled Timegames. Since he has started school again and is working full time, writing short stories and plays is a way he relaxes on his downtime. He lives in Spokane, WA, USA and has two children, Robbie and Alexis, with whom he loves to spend time with.

Read the below interview with Rob to see what makes him think:

What inspires you to write?

Have you ever watched an intricate plot for a movie or play or read a facinating book and thought, wow, that is amazing, I wonder how they ever got those ideas and dialog down on paper? Alternately, have you ever watched a sitcom or a movie and thought, 'I can write better than that!' I think both of those scenerios can drive one to write, where one is either inspired or in awe by how awful some of the stories out there are and deciding to make something better. I like to write because it is contributing ideas and creating worlds to people with the potential to last in their souls and future souls forever. A radio listener is a captive audience where once you grab them in the first few lines of dialog, you've got them. It's an excellent way to share your imagination, if not for a few minutes. I believe too, that a writer, especially one that writes fiction that involves dialog has to have a multiple personality disorder. If you find yourself talking to people who aren't there and respond back understanding the feeling of the other personality, you probably can write good dialog - or become an artist with crayons in a unique jacket surrounded by padded walls.


What attracted you to The Wireless Theatre Company and audio theatre?

It was at the top of the search engine for radio plays! That was only part of the reason; I heard the the quality of writing and acting. I think editing too is very important where it can be argued that splicing pieces together and adding the ambient and sound effects is one of the most important parts of a production. Some of the best editing can be found listening to the Wireless Theatre Company's variety of plays. Radio is a blend of reading and play acting.

Reading a novel or script involves you depending on the author's imagination as well as your own. Radio has a distictiveness where unlike television and live theatre, where everything is shown before you, you still have to use some of your imagination to put the entire picture together but reality is kept in check with the voices and effects. This is why I think Science Fiction and Horror are still untapped categories of radio that have yet to be played out!

Reality has the potential to be warped a bit with these genres! Those are some reasons why one would write for the Wireless Theatre Company over potential other mediums, and there is so much that is still untapped which makes it very exciting to a storyteller!


Whats your favourite play?

It is so hard to pick only one! As far as the Wireless Theatre Company's variety of plays, the one that stood out to me at the time I wrote, "A Friend in Me" was FROZEN. The entire production was incredible! If I were to include all plays it would have to be some of Shakespeare's whose work is the most picked apart and copied by other writers for their own plots. "A Midsummernights Dream" by the Bard seems to be the play which is different every time I see it performed by a different company, but "Hamlet" and "Romeo and Juliet" I love as well.


Who is your favourite writer?

Benjamin (Ben) Bova. He wrote a novel called "The Duelling Machine" which involved one of the first stories of what we now call virtual reality. The universe he created had world leaders duking it out in dreams! It was a very vivid, dramatic and amusing book! I was so impressed I wrote him a letter in regards to an interactive fiction language I was writing at the time, and was shocked that he actually wrote back!


Who within the entertainment industry do you most admire?

Again this is another question I cannot answer with only one; I am going to choose a couple and I should mention there are so many people to admire in the entertainment industry! My initial thoughts in answer to this question is the late actor Heath Ledger. He had fantastic range as an actor. He put his all into his work, and I fear some of the stress of his last character, The Joker, whom he plays in an upcoming movie may have put him over the edge. I also think the late Anthony Perkins could channel about any character that he got ahold of. Chilling. Of course, the people I most recently worked with (albeit from afar) at The Wireless Theatre Company have to be mentioned. I admire them all and hope to work with them again soon on another project some day.

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