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Peter grew up on the streets around Theatre 503 [formerly The Latchmere] in Battersea and so was pleased to have a couple of plays staged there by Practicum Theatre in 2006.

Having written and directed the musical STC: The Eighteenth Century Junkie at the Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton, he went on to form First Among Sequels with Jenny Wafer, specifically to take new writing to the Edinburgh Fringe, which it did successfully for several years.

This was succeeded by his latest company, Random Cactus, which took the acclaimed Lie Detector Truth Detector, directed by Marie Bobin, to Edinburgh in 2007. Formerly a cricket writer, Peter appeared as the Bad Director in the BBC programme The Good the Bad and the Ugly. He teaches drama and is married with two children - Lucy is a runner and Dom is a lighting designer.

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Read below for an interview with Peter:

What inspired you to write?

When I first saw Next Time I'll Sing To You by the late lamented James Saunders, I thought 'Yeah, playing with words, creating characters, situations, showing excatly how absurd life is - I want to have a go at that'

What Attracted You To The Wireless Theatre Company and Audio Theatre?

What a great idea. What a professional company. What excellent productions. Playwrights always want their work performed, in any medium, particularly when they're this good.

What's Your Favourite Play?

The Dumb Waiter

Who is Your Favourite Writer?

Harold Pinter.

Who Within The Entertainment Industry Do You Most Admire?

Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe -

"We're the bums you step over

As you leave the Theatre...

I was only wishing,

For a bit of cash,

From a patron of the arts,

Or at least The Phantom of The Opera,

Will I catch your eye?"

From The Theatre - great song, great lyric.

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