Paul Ekert


Paul is from all over the place, but mostly London. Or at least that’s the place he would rather remember coming from. Geographical inconstancies aside, it is safe to say that Paul came from somewhere East of Buckingham Palace and South of Glasgow.

Paul began his writing career, such as it is, as a short story and article writer, then caved into capitalist greed to become a writer of computer self-help guides, although why computers would need such guides is less than clear. For more information on how to become a super-duper-power-user of certain Video Editing applications, see

Eventually Paul went mad, then technically insane, and then stood on the brink of rolling out a campaign to free tropical frogs from state sponsored education… And then he began writing novels (Cough ...Ordinary Monsters... Cough... available from ...Cough) and then he started on poor defenceless plays.

Plays were, for Paul, a reaction against the problematic techniques involved in writing books, in that Paul discovered novel creation required lots of work. Being heavily out of favour with any such activity he began writing down just the dialog from future/planned books in order to cut down on this aforementioned heinous workload. Sadly this turned out to be problematic as Plays in themselves have all sorts of other inconveniences that require WORK to sort them out.

Somewhere in the middle of this self-generated insanity, Dream On was created by the power of deep thought and by channelling a long dead writer of little repute. It is Paul’s first full length play and marks at least the achievement of actually finishing something that takes longer than three and half minutes to sort out.

Shorter pieces by Paul have been shown at the Queen Mother Theatre, Hitchin, the Oxford Playhouse and the Half Moon Pub in Herne Hill (29th Oct 09). Paul is currently attempting to get a short film project off the ground, write another book, finish some more plays and get the Large Hadron Collider connected to an iPod just to see what will happen. A detailed analysis of Paul is available at most bars, most nights and will cost one pint.

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