Our Valentine's Submission Winner

Painted Blind

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Painted Blind

Happy Valentine's Day. We requested alternative Valentine's Day scripts and fell in love with this one by Adam Elms. Have a listen yourself.

Few things are as invigorating as a gin and tonic with ice and a slice, don't you agree? Mind you, I've never been to Lourdes or white water rafting. That Strongbow was a mistake though. A definite mistake.

These hot tears tumble from eyes who see all and yet see not, wings spread, I soar through the memory, our joining, our lot.

Starring: Mike Goodenough, Ashley McGuire and Ben Whitehead

Ashley McGuire
Mike Goodenough

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Written By: Adam Elms, Directed By: David Beck, Engineered and Edited By: Joe Richardson, Running Time: 30 Minutes
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