Recorded live at The Pleasance


"An interesting and humourous piece and worth a listen" Remote Goat

"A company to watch out for in 2012" Remote Goat

Open Spots

Sean is a stand up comedian earning his stripes on the gruelling London stand up circuit. He's getting ready for another soulless room-above-a-pub gig when he finds out that a top comedy agent is coming to see him. Will he do the perfect gig and get signed, or will fate work against him and ruin his big chance?

They say that stand up is the new Rock'n'Roll, but it's not so cool getting to the top. A comedy about comedy. Open Spots was recorded live for a full house at The Pleasance Theatre in London on Feb 17th 2012.

Starring : Stephen Hill, Kevin Haney, Ben Whitehead, Neil Frost and Ashley McGuire


Ashley McGuire
Kevin Haney

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Written By: Stephen Hill and James Gill, Edited By: Tshari King and Matt Blair, Music By: Matt Blair

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