A Christmas Treat


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Fed up with their rich Aunt Myrtle's Christmas antics, the Grobbenthwaites don't bat an eyelid when she is suddenly killed by a poisoned mince pie.

They don't expect, for a moment, that the overbearing but inept Inspector Fumblequinn will solve the mystery. And who cares?

However, things start to spiral out of control when Aunt Myrtle returns as a ghost to solve her own murder case!

Starring: Maggie Robson, Adam Hall, Matthew Field, Jessica Dennis, Fay Downie, Jack Bowman, Simon Cruise Walters, Susan Casanove

Adam Hall
Susan Casanove

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Written By : Chantal Schaul, Edited By : Craig Bulpitt and Mariele Runacre Temple, with vocal edit by Jack Bowman and Michelle Warwicker Directed By: Jack Bowman, Running time: 1 hour 7 minutes
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