Joel Soetendorp


Joel is a stand up comedian and writer.

His credits include: Date, Tube, Plinth Ewan Bruce Movie 2008, Pit Players, Electric Mouse Actor/performer 2009, News Revue, Canal Cafe Theatre Sketch writer 2009-2012, News Revue Edinburgh, The Pleasance, Sketch Writer 2009-2012, Treason Show, Treason Show Sketch writer 2009-2012, The Sam and Dave Show, Sound Art Radio, Podcast and stag show 2009-2011, Is this a Subject? Ivor Dembina for Comedy, One man show, team writer 2011,Gag writer for various other comics (including Dave Cohen, Ivor Dembina) 2009-2012, The Evening Fix Podcast/pilot, writer 2010, Britain's Got People Podcast/pilot 2011 (Radio Times Website of the week), 118 118 Mobile phone joke service lead writer 2009, RH Brands, Humorous answer phone message writer 2010-2012, News Jack 2010-2012 writer BBC 7, Amock Comedy Emag. Assistant Editor and Writer.

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