Jack Bowman

Jack has been with WTC since it's first days, working as an actor, writer, director an producer.

Hi most recent credits as an actor include; White Collar Crime for Wetfish Films/Leftside Productions, working alongside David Benson in The Haunted Stage; playing Bruce Delemitri in Ben Elton's Popcorn at the Poole Lighthouse; A in Sarah Kane's Crave, Eddie in Jim Cartwright's Road, and ITV's Crossroads. He went to Edinburgh in 2007 with Weaver Hugh's production of The Importance of Shoes, and again in 2008 and 2009 with Random Cactus' productions of Gullability Factory and 14 Seconds.

He has also worked in pantomime, radio, audio, short films, UK, US and Japanese TV, and at numerous touring, TIE, corporate, and fringe theatre venues. Most recently, Jack was the voice of Metal Mickey and Stan in Don Juan in Soho; Jake in Death of an Unsigned Band; and in the short film Battenberg.

Jack first worked with the Wireless Theatre Company's on their audio apdatation of Frozen after it's original fringe run at the Etcetera Theatre, and then as part of the LOST Theatre Festival where he played Tom.

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