Starring Linda Robson


"Was listening on the bus and literally couldn't stop laughing at this. People thought I was mad but was so worth it"

Claire Whitehouse

After one funeral, no donkey rides, hundreds of lost Krazy Golf balls, a livid bingo caller, the most violent Punch & Judy show ever, two heavies with bad knees, countless ill-advised conversations and the most inept Lawyer in the business it looks like Charles and Ollie are finally going to be leaving Swanborough and going back to their old lives… if their Mother, played by Linda Robson (Bird's of a Feather, I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here) gets her way that is.

The final part of the epic Ginnelli trilogy answers all the questions that need to be answered, and a bunch that don’t. Like why would you eat the cock of a prawn?

Contains swearing!

Starring : Oliver Ford, Elliot Quinn, Linda Robson, Filip Krenus, Beric Livingstone, Richard Rycroft, Josephine Arden

Have you listened to Episode One and Two yet? Well, you should...

Linda Robson
Elliot Quinn

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Written By: Stephen Hill and Elliot Quinn, Edited By: Malcolm Thorp, Directed By: George Maddocks, Running Time: 38 Minutes
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