Fiz Marcus


Fiz has written for theatre for many years. Her work includes several musical plays for children - co-written by John Gardiner. Surgical Sensation at St. Sennapods, The Snatching of Horrible Harold, Mr. Macaroni and the Exploding Pizza Pie and Bad Day at Black Frog Creek, all published by Samuel French.

She has also written several series for BBC school's radio. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, The Story of Mary Cannon, Junior Drama What? The Triangular Trade and An Adverture in Ancient Egypt.

Read below for an in inspiring interview.

What attracted you to The Wireless Theatre Company and audio theatre?

I had written for BBC schools radio in the past and knew what a powerful tool radio drama could be, and as an actor I love the fact that, on radio, you can be anywhere. WTC was (and is) a totally new concept to me, bringing radio drama to  a whole new range of listeners - world wide.

What's your favourite play?

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolfe - I'd kill to play Martha!

Who is your favourite writer?

Alan Bennett.

Who do you admire most in the entertainment Industry?

My fellow actors and writers, who put up with rejection, huge competition and often minimal wages and yet somehow remain supportive of each other and passionate about their profession.

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