Love Radio Drama


Unworldly John and injured sailor, McKinney wash up on an uninhabited island, the only survivors of a terrifying shipwreck. When the pair is finally rescued John isolates himself in an anonymous bed-sit owned by the grotesque Mrs Paskins.

Haunted by the sounds of the island, he shies away from human contact communing only with the disturbing voices in his dreams. John’s new neighbour Crow sees life through a haze of delusional paranoia and finds it hard to respect John’s need for solitude. Edgy, secretive John is the perfect focus for Crow’s over-active imagination and he becomes obsessed with investigating John’s nocturnal rituals.

However, his surveillance soon turns to clumsy overtures of friendship. Despite his protestations John is forced to turn to Crow for help when his ‘voices’ start to blur his sense of reality. A strange, funny and touching story about finding friendship in the most unlikely places.

Starring: Ben Murray Watson, Anthony Sargent, Mike Garnell, Catriona Ryan, Lisa Cassidy and Joanna Watt

Ben Murray Watson
Mike Garnell

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Written By: Sarah Hutchings and Hil Cooke, Edited By: Lester Barry, Directed By: Catriona Ryan, Music By: Lester Barry

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