A Very Grimm Christmas

The Robber Bridegroom

The Robber Bridegroom

Part of A Very Grimm Christmas

Recorded LIVE at The Roundhouse in Camden in collaboration with Roundhouse Radio, The Robber Bridegroom is one of six productions recorded over three nights this December.

The Robber Bridegroom is a dark adaptation of the Brother's Grimm tale.

Starring: Becca Horn, Cassie Vallance, Owain Rhys Davies, Tom Slatter, Greg Page and Armani Zardoe

Owain Rhys Davies
Tom Slatter

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Written By: Celyn Ebenezer, Edited By: Tshari King, Directed By: David Beck, Music By: Francesco Quadraruopolo, Running Time: 24 mins
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Recorded Live

SC Logo

Photos from this live recording by Andrew Elliott, HERE

"Clever, clairvoyant and compelling - a humane and humorous take on a frighteningly possible future" Sofie Mason, Director,

The concept of 2010: Space Commander! came about after hours of musings on the future of the planet and us being on it - taking in to account what we already know about climate change, available resources and population expansion. Our bodies cannot genuinely explore space, so why not get rid of them?

Without wanting to trot out the already tired clichés about social networking sites being our main interaction, or point out that with gaming systems becoming so sophisticated the next generation will spend an overwhelming amount of time interacting through the internet, it seemed obvious to us that we were already heading for a 'body-free' future. At first it seems awful, but when you think about it, it could provide many benefits once we got used to it. 2010: Space Commander! tries to create this possible future and looks at it from a few different angles.

Starring: Jessica Dennis, Richard Booth, Richard Holt, Mark Hemmings, Kitty Chapman, David Beck and Neil Frost

Richard Holt
Richard Booth

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Written By: Stuart Price, Edited By: Matt Blair, Music By: Tom Hicox.
LIVE CREW: Movement & Technical Direction - Morgann Runacre Temple, Acting Direction - David Beck Engineered by Matt Blair & Tshari King, Editing and Post-Production - Matt Blair, Produced by Mariele Runacre Temple & Fran Kirkham, Live Vocal Sound Effects and Beat-Boxing by Tom Swarman (“Pikey Esquire”) Foley and Additional Beat-Boxing - Amir Boutrous, Running Time: 57 mins
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Recorded live at The Pleasance


"An interesting and humourous piece and worth a listen" Remote Goat

"A company to watch out for in 2012" Remote Goat

Open Spots

Sean is a stand up comedian earning his stripes on the gruelling London stand up circuit. He's getting ready for another soulless room-above-a-pub gig when he finds out that a top comedy agent is coming to see him. Will he do the perfect gig and get signed, or will fate work against him and ruin his big chance?

They say that stand up is the new Rock'n'Roll, but it's not so cool getting to the top. A comedy about comedy. Open Spots was recorded live for a full house at The Pleasance Theatre in London on Feb 17th 2012.

Starring : Stephen Hill, Kevin Haney, Ben Whitehead, Neil Frost and Ashley McGuire


Ashley McGuire
Kevin Haney

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Written By: Stephen Hill and James Gill, Edited By: Tshari King and Matt Blair, Music By: Matt Blair

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Recorded Live


Check out the photos of this LIVE recording HERE.

"Good bye Piccadilly, farewell Leicester Square..."


Recorded live at London's Leicester Square Theatre

London, 1999. Geoff Verwood, a history student blighted by phonophobia, takes refuge from the London din in a quiet bookshop off Charing Cross Road. There, he makes a chance discovery – an old scrap of paper hidden in a dusty book. On that scrap is written a code, hiding a lost musical score... the last work of the evil Anton Valderberg Drache!

With Halloween fast approaching, Geoff races to unlock the mystery, unaware of the terrible supernatural powers he is about to unleash. Who or what is desperate to hear the music played?

What is the true nature of the dark forces that stalk Geoff's every turn? And what connects all this to the most notorious chapter of the West End's history?

Starring: Lucy Joseph, James Cross, Michael McEvoy, Scott Thomas and Antonia Reed-Felstead

Lucy Joseph
Antonia Reel Felstead

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Written by: Jack Bowman and Robert Valentine, Edited By : Matt Blair,  Directed By: Tom Brazier, Music By: Francesco Quadraruopolo, Running Time: 57 mins, 30 secs
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A live recording


"My favourite! I laughed so much my cheeks hurt! Thank you to Peter Davis & Matthew Woodcock you are both BRILLIANT!" Jazzy Mills

The sound of hooves on cobbles...
The choke of fog on the air...
The taste of fear, more bitter than any almond...
Who can save the British Empire of Great Britain in its hour of need?
For one night only The Wireless Theatre Company resurrected the world's greatest detective partnership for a live audio recording; Sherlock Holmes Strikes Back!
Written and performed by Matthew Woodcock and Peter Davis, Sherlock Holmes Strikes Back! takes you on a funny, fast-paced adventure against some of England's deadliest foes, with all the excitement of a live radio recording.
Starring: Peter Davis, Matthew Woodcock, Panny Skrivanos and Laura Marshall
If you enjoyed this live recording, why not listen to THE SAINT VALENTINES DAY MURDER.
Panny Skrivanos
Laura Marshall

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Written By: Peter Davis & Matthew Woodcock, Edited By: Tshari King, Directed By: Philip North, Music By: Peter Davis, Running Time: 1 hour
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Edgar Allen Poe

Logo Grimm

Check out the photos HERE by Dean Faulkner.

Based on the works of Edgar Allen Poe, GRIMM was Recorded in front of a terrified live audience on the 7th May 2009, you'd be mad not to listen.

"TRUE! Nervous, very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why WILL you say that I am mad? The disease had sharpened my senses, not destroyed, not dulled them. Above all was the sense of hearing acute. I heard all things in the heaven and in the earth. I heard many things in hell. How then am I mad? Hearken! And observe how healthily, how calmly, I can tell you the whole story." Edgar Allen Poe.

Come with us as we take you on a journey of madness, terror and gruesome, GRUESOME MURDER!

The decaying walls of Stottesden Hall are the setting for our  LIVE recording of a new radio play by award winning team, writer Stuart Price and composer Michael Bruce.

Starring : Knight Mantell, David Beck, Jessica Dennis, Leonie Hill, Josh Cass and Andrew Glenn. 

David Beck
Knight Mantell

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Written By: Stuart Price, Foley by Jack Bowman, Dean Elliott and Reuben Anderson, Edited By: Scott Wiber Directed By : Stuart Price, Music By : Michael Bruce,  Running Time : 59 mins

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Richard O’Brien’s PIG IN BOOTS

Our first live audio panto!

Pig In Boots
Behind the scenes footage and exclusive interview with Richard O'Brien

Pig In Boots - An Audio Pantomime

Come and join Patsy and Tom-Tom in Panto-Opolis as they travel across the country, encountering an ever-growing mix of characters while they a plan to scam wealthy victims out of their riches with a pyramid scheme based on non-existent real estate.

With original music performed and composed by James McQuillian, great performances from all the actors, and live sound effects from The Foley Brothers, we think this recording has perfectly captured the personality and atmosphere of the evening.

In true pantomime style we have left in all the actors fluffs, so feel free to cheer and jeer along with the audience. Laugh? You'll positively squeal!

Written By: Richard O'Brien

Starring: Ceri Gifford, Kevin Haney, Peter Davis, Naomi Bowen, Reuben Anderson, Trevor Cuthbertson, Jade Allen, Gareth Davies, Nic Van Gelder, Faye Honeysett, James McQuillan, Neil Frost & David Beck

Ceri Gifford
Trevor Cuthbertson

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Edited By: Stuart Price, Scott Wiber and Randall Breneman, Directed By: Mariele Runacre Temple, Music By: James McQuillan

LIVE CREW CREDITS: Technical Director - Stuart Price Producer - Fran Kirkham Sound Technicians - Scott Wiber & Randall Breneman Stage Manager - Jack Bowman Photos - Nick Hemingway With thanks to Richard O'Brien for all his support.

Richard O'Brien's quirky, non-formulaic audio pantomime PIG IN BOOTS was recorded in front of a live studio audience at Headliners Comedy Club.

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