A live recording


"My favourite! I laughed so much my cheeks hurt! Thank you to Peter Davis & Matthew Woodcock you are both BRILLIANT!" Jazzy Mills

The sound of hooves on cobbles...
The choke of fog on the air...
The taste of fear, more bitter than any almond...
Who can save the British Empire of Great Britain in its hour of need?
For one night only The Wireless Theatre Company resurrected the world's greatest detective partnership for a live audio recording; Sherlock Holmes Strikes Back!
Written and performed by Matthew Woodcock and Peter Davis, Sherlock Holmes Strikes Back! takes you on a funny, fast-paced adventure against some of England's deadliest foes, with all the excitement of a live radio recording.
Starring: Peter Davis, Matthew Woodcock, Panny Skrivanos and Laura Marshall
If you enjoyed this live recording, why not listen to THE SAINT VALENTINES DAY MURDER.
Panny Skrivanos
Laura Marshall

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Written By: Peter Davis & Matthew Woodcock, Edited By: Tshari King, Directed By: Philip North, Music By: Peter Davis, Running Time: 1 hour
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Directed by BBC's Cherry Cookson


"A true audio theatre company, bringing interesting audio plays put together by a talented crew without the boundries of format or genre." Decoder Ring Theatre

Ever wondered how life would be as a young woman running a Devon farm? Sally Anne Criplett is just that girl.
Living with her mole obsessed, gun happy, cider drinking father, Sally has her work cut out. But with the love of local farm boy Johnny Hutchins and their mutual passion for Elvis and farm machinery, life can be full of frolicks. Devon Girl is a light hearted look at farming with a fair sprinkling of colourful locals, such as the adorable best friend Mary, an imposing lesbian vicar, and local irresistible calve dealer Richard Sucksmith.
Grab a cup of tea and sit back for a bit of a giggle with this new production directed by multiple award winning BBC producer Cherry Cookson.
Starring: Zalie Burrow, Mark Straker, Frances Jeater, Rachel Atkins, David Timson and Holly Beth Morgan
Zalie Burrow
Mark Straker

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Written By: Zalie Burrow, Edited By: Jon Calver and Garry Abbott, Directed By: Cherry Cookson, Music By: Chris Parren and Zalie Burrow, Running Time: 70 mins
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A Justin Thyme Mystery


"Superior sound, the finest quality audio I have heard on the net."

Nathan Hughes

Oliver Ford
Mike Garnell

When the King of Scotland gets his ticket punched it's up to tough talking fictional detective Justin Thyme to find out who his travel agent was.

Hard boiled with a side of irony, Thyme finds himself navigating a thicket of witchcraft, greed, ambition, envy and murder that includes three rapping old crones, a "Thane of Cawdor" with a penchant for Cole Porter and a sexy former flame by the name of Lady MacBeth.

Dashiell Hammet meets William Shakespeare in this send up of both that will have you rolling in the aisles and The Bard rolling over in his grave.

Starring: Oliver Ford, Tegwen Tucker, Mike Garnell, Matt Prendergast, Ceri Gifford, Tom Wateracre and Catriona Ryan

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Written By: Bruce Kane, Edited By: Ross Burman, Directed By :Catriona Ryan
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Our most popular comedy series

Gino Grave thumb

"Fantastic! I really enjoyed it"

Iain Morris (The Inbetweeners)

Charles and Ollie Ginnelli haven't seen their father for over twenty years, when out of the blue they discover he has passed away and they must go to their childhood hometown of Swanborough on sea to organise his funeral.

What begins as an unfortunate family accident mounts into a disaster of unparallelled proportions for the two brothers as they encounter the strange, the incompetent and the the unusual during the ceremony and remember why they were so glad they left in the first place. Still, at least they get to leave straight away. Don't they?

Starring: Elliot Quinn, Oliver Ford, Craig Hamblyn, Kevin Haney, Neil Frost, Philip Elvy, Ann Theato, Jamie Cartwright, Richard Rycroft, Stephen Hill, Ben Clegg, Ben Whitehead, Ashley McGuire and Jack Bowman

If you like this, stay tuned for Part II, Gino Ginelli's Still Dead, starring Lionel Blair and Part III, Gino Ginelli Lives starring Linda Robson.


Elliot Quinn
Richard Rycroft

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Written By : Stephen Hill (Additional Material by Marc Edens & Ben Clegg), Edited By : Garry Abbot @ Audio Mill, Directed By: Ben Clegg & Stephen Hill, Running Time: 38 Minutes
Contains plenty of swearing!
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By Peter Davis

Galaxy Cabs thumb

"Wireless Theatre has some of the finest acting, writing and directing talent."

Radio Drama Revival

The year 2168.

Galaxicab 3, an interstellar taxi, is on route to pick up the most famous singer in the galaxy.

It's only crew - a Captain, his co-pilot and a galactic stewardess with three arms.

Let's hope there isn't a psychopathic serial killer on the loose ...

Starring: Matthew Woodcock, Jessica Guyon, Peter Wheal-Jones, Mike Garnell, Laura Marshall and Nicholas Karpenko

Laura Marshall
Mike Garnell

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Written By: Peter Davis, Edited By: Peter Davis, Directed By: Peter Davis, Music By: Peter Davis Space.
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Written By : Matthew Bartlett and Dominic Stephens

Starring : Shelley Halstead, Gordon Cooper, Andrew Macklin, James Kermack, Matt Broad and Alex Beckett

Edited By : Tony 'El Gordo' Stephens

Directed By : 31 Pumpkins

The Brewery is close to signing a lucrative deal to sell The Belfry pub and earn a fat load of cash but they don’t want to upset the locals.

They have installed Bruce and Barbi Wayne, the worst landlords in the Brewery’s history, to run the pub into the ground. However, the new landlords know nothing of the Brewery’s plan and, having already destroyed four previous pubs, look at this as their chance to finally get it right.

When Brewery members start to disappear it is a race against time to keep the deal on the table and to thwart their unknown nemesis. For Bruce and Barbi it’s just business as (un)usual. The Belfry stands on a ring-road near the edge of town.

In such a prime location it is able to offer an unhealthy mix of aspiration and desperation, blending the mundane with the bizarre, in an innovative and highly original sit-com. (

Running Time : 27 mins 59 secs

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A comedy by Jim Speirs


"What a wonderful site!"

The London Theatre Guide

A mismatched bunch of oddballs, geeks and a borderline-psychotic TV presenter venture to a haunted inn in Somerset to record the first ever episode of ‘Spook Squad’ - a groundbreaking TV show investigating the supernatural and the bizarre. Occasional mild language.

Starring: David Benson, Sinead Beary, Emily Wright, David Beck, Neil Frost, Daniel Rodrigues, Jamie Cartwright, Trevor Cuthbertson and Fiz Marcus

David Benson
Daniel Rodrigues

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Written By : Jim Spiers, Edited By: Joe Waters, Directed By: Jack Bowman, Music By: Joe Waters
Running Time : 42 mins, 21 seconds
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Richard O’Brien’s PIG IN BOOTS

Our first live audio panto!

Pig In Boots
Behind the scenes footage and exclusive interview with Richard O'Brien

Pig In Boots - An Audio Pantomime

Come and join Patsy and Tom-Tom in Panto-Opolis as they travel across the country, encountering an ever-growing mix of characters while they a plan to scam wealthy victims out of their riches with a pyramid scheme based on non-existent real estate.

With original music performed and composed by James McQuillian, great performances from all the actors, and live sound effects from The Foley Brothers, we think this recording has perfectly captured the personality and atmosphere of the evening.

In true pantomime style we have left in all the actors fluffs, so feel free to cheer and jeer along with the audience. Laugh? You'll positively squeal!

Written By: Richard O'Brien

Starring: Ceri Gifford, Kevin Haney, Peter Davis, Naomi Bowen, Reuben Anderson, Trevor Cuthbertson, Jade Allen, Gareth Davies, Nic Van Gelder, Faye Honeysett, James McQuillan, Neil Frost & David Beck

Ceri Gifford
Trevor Cuthbertson

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Edited By: Stuart Price, Scott Wiber and Randall Breneman, Directed By: Mariele Runacre Temple, Music By: James McQuillan

LIVE CREW CREDITS: Technical Director - Stuart Price Producer - Fran Kirkham Sound Technicians - Scott Wiber & Randall Breneman Stage Manager - Jack Bowman Photos - Nick Hemingway With thanks to Richard O'Brien for all his support.

Richard O'Brien's quirky, non-formulaic audio pantomime PIG IN BOOTS was recorded in front of a live studio audience at Headliners Comedy Club.

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Starring Prunella Scales


"A charming and well-acted comic radio drama, and credit is due to for the overall integrity and coherence of the play"

Fringe Report

The Youth of Old Age

Wickedly acerbic new writing ‘The Youth Of Old Age’ shows Prunella Scales at her ‘dragon tongued’ best as the matriarch, determined her heir should not marry 'out of sorts' by award winning writer Stuart Price.

Starring : Prunella Scales, Knight Mantell, Edward Harrison, Crystal Yu and David Beck

Prunella Scales
Edward Harrison

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Written By: Stuart Price, Edited By : Joe Waters, Directed By : Stuart Price, Music By : Matt Fishell, Running Time : 1 hr 5 mins

If you are a fan of Prunella Scales, she's worked with us plenty of times - why not try SEASONS?

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By Karen Bartholomew


"You really know how to turn any genre into a masterpiece"

Roseanna, USA

A heartwarming, and accurately amusing play about first time parents and how their world changes whilst preparing for the pitter patter of tiny feet!

Contains some mild bad language.

Starring : Nic Van Gelder, Sarah Goddard, Irene Bradshaw and Catriona Ryan

Nic Van Gelder
Irene Bradshaw

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Written By : Karen Bartholomew, Edited By: Jeff Moreno, Directed By: Emily Wright
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